Saturday, January 2, 2016

NSIT Computer Science Teachers Workshop Day 1

Multimedia & Web Technology (Workshop at NSIT - 2nd January 2016, Afternoon Session by Ms. Gurpreet Kaur)

Innovative Teaching (Workshop at NSIT - 2nd January 2016, Afternoon Session by Ms. Rashmi Kathuria)

Computer Science C++ (Workshop at NSIT - 2nd January 2016, Morning Session by Mr. Mukesh Kumar)

Session 2
Mr. Mukesh Kumar

Latest Technologies (Workshop at NSIT - 2nd January 2016, Morning Session by Mr. Manu Gupta)

Session 1: Topic : Latest Technologies
Resource Person : Mr. Manu Sheel Gupta

Application Develpment on mobile, tablet and desktop

Ionic Platform - Cross platform app development platform
Get started on installing and making apps using

User interface libraries

angularjs -
jquery mobile -

Apache Cordova platform to communicate with Device using device apis.

Quora -

Collaborative project based learning
github (you can share your project here (in Public/Private mode )
Follows distributed ( When one of team member modifies and uploads, others can pull)

github Commands
git projectname
git add .   (Initialises the project ...between the server and your machine)
git commit - a -m "project task"  (saves changes)
git.pull (Others can pull the changes)

git help manual is available which can help you customise app as per your needs

bitbucket - Private git accounts are also free.
Uses same protocol as github,
It allows free private uploads


- started like a forum

Quora -

Online Learning Platforms/ Free Resources for students and teachers

  • coursera -
  • udemy -
  • edx -
  • gitub -

Developing your own resources 
We can create resources at

  • Moodle -
  • geogebra (
    • Calculus, Trigonometry 
  • Sugarlabs (Open Source, own modules can be developed, 7000+ activities are already available on :        
    • Etoys (for Physics simulations...mathematics and other subjects too)
    • TurtleArt (Like next level of Logo, connect the device) - We can do interesting experiments with Turtle Blocks in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Social Sciences, Language learning, Arts, Economics.

Web Development Projects for Educators and Students

Aspiring Apps platform
Apps posted at
Sample Webapps -

Ethercalc -
Source Code available -
Configuration, Book Chapter -

Turtle JS - Javascript version of Turtle Blocks
Source code -

Music Blocks : programming music


Learning Environment

Scratch project -
etoys -

Some Opportunities for Educators

  •   (next conference is in Bangalore in May)
Cloud platforms to create your own apps :
  • For getting the code of apps ( 

Creating Apps
(You tube videos are available for help)

Publication Place

PyCon conference

MIT LINC conference -

SciPy conference -
SciPy library, NumPy

Journal - Springer, ACM